Our Covid-19 Security measures

Checking the guests on arrival: To prevent an infected person from being checked in, by law, guests are expected:

  • Upon arrival, have their temperature scanned with a thermal scanner and
  • Fill in and sign a questionnaire.

If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and he/she shows no symptoms, the Guest can go to the reception desk after he/she did disinfect his/her hands.

At the reception desk the room key will be handed out to the Guest. If a guest’s temperature is high (the actual temperature at screening should not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius) and/or he/she shows symptoms of the virus, we unfortunately cannot allow the guest to occupy his/her booked room under normal conditions. The guest will be referred to a medical facility or must remain in quarantine in our guesthouse, a report to the Ministry of Health is mandatory.

Hand disinfectants for guests (70% alcohol) will be placed in public areas of the guest house within reach of the guests and marked with a notice inviting regular use.

The NICD hotline is available to all employees and guests. In the event that someone feels ill after travelling from countries with coronavirus, the South African Department of Health advises to first call the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) helpline, rather than contacting a medical facility directly to prevent possible contamination.

The NICD hotline number is 080 002 9999

Training of staff (ongoing): Personal hygiene is emphasized repeatedly, including the importance of frequent and thorough hand washing, avoiding touching the eyes, nose, and mouth, respiratory hygiene (sneezing and coughing into a tissue that is safely disposed of or into the crook of the elbow), and avoiding touching the face.

Hand disinfectant for staff (70% alcohol) has been introduced in the rear areas of the house (such as kitchen, office, laundry and bathroom) as well as in the guest areas in front of the house (such as reception and breakfast room).

Protective clothing such as aprons and face masks will be issued to the housekeeping and public areas of the guest service staff when they are on duty and cleaning (disinfectant cleaner) is carried out between guest and toilet rooms.

Cleaning of the rooms: The hotel staff cleans each room daily and changes the bed linen / towels every three / four days. When the guests have left the room, the rooms that have become vacant are cleaned and disinfected for the next guests. Somer Place and the team wish you a pleasant and safe stay!