How to make a great holiday in South Africa unforgettable.

On holiday, the only way to really get to know a place, to understand it and remember it for years to come is:

you have to fill a place with the stories of its people and intertwine it with your own experiences and emotions.

But how is this done? How can you discover these valuable stories, the hidden wonders, anecdotes and details that make somewhere part of your heart?

Perhaps with the help of one of the countless guide books that are abound with lots of relevant – and even more irrelevant – information about the destination, decorated with hundreds of yellow Post Its and subsequently heaved around in a rucksack? Or with a chaotic collection of 50 loose print-outs highlighted in bright pink that were the fruit of a Google search on the main attraction, before which you now stand and can’t even concentrate on it?

Perhaps not. We have the solution.

Book your own personal tour guide!

A good guide

has lived in the region for a long time and is able to really bring you closer to the country and its people,

adapts to personal wishes and requirements,

acts as a contact person for all of your questions,

reveals information you’ll never find in a guide book,

fills the places you visit with life,

organises and takes care of everything so that you can concentrate on the most important thing: enjoying your holiday,

knows all the secrets and particularly beautiful places to see,

ensures your safety and well-being,

is friendly, competent and approachable,

and costs less than you think.

In short: a personal tour guide makes sure you not only see South Africa, but also really experience it!

Just ask us! We arrange the most beautiful tours with the best tour guides.