Vaccinations are not necessary when visiting the Western Cape, but are required or advice when visiting the Kruger National Park. Please ask your doctor for advice regarding specific medication for malaria or request some information from the Tropical Institute.

Currency Exchange

Foreign money can be exchanged at the International Airport, at most of the banks or Bureau De Exchange which are easily accessible at most of the big shopping malls. Traveler’s cheques and credit cards are widely accepted. With the EC-card it is also possible to debit your account at the bank automatic teller machines (ATM).


Wages in South Africa are fairly low and therefore a tip is very much appreciated by staff who are serving you. The general rule is:10% of the amount payable. For petrol- and parking place attendants a tip of 1-2 Rand is appropriate and about 5-10 Rand for cleaning personnel in your room.


A mobile telephone functions very well in South Africa, although even if you have international roaming, it is a better and cheaper option to buy a local Prepaid phonecard, which you can update regularly.


The current in South Africa is 220- Volt. It is possible to use all your devices with an adapter.


The European summer time is the same time as in South Africa, although in winter South African time is one hour ahead.


South Africa’s road network is well established. The roads are for left-hand drive and an international driver’s licence is required.


All year round you can experience a very moderate climate, this area compares to a mild mediterranean climate. In the summer months (from November till March) the average day temperatures are around 27°C and the nights cool off to an average of 15°C. Winter time in the Western Cape is also very mild and enjoyable.

High Season

From October till April the sun’s UV rate is very dangerous and requires a good sunscreen.